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Whether you’re looking for a group benefit plan for your employees or the best coverage and rate for your home and business, the professionals at Dodge Partners Insurance are here to help.

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Innovative Products, Dedicated Service.

As a full-service independent insurance agency, Dodge Partners offers a wide range of insurance products and employee benefit plans. We excel at providing innovative solutions to the thousands of clients we represent across the country.

What Our Customers Say

“Bea, Thanks for all your hard work, diligence & persistence with the Worker’s Comp issues.  It’s greatly appreciated!”

Nancy Glass, Glassroots Co.

“Our long-time heroine Bea Houck at Dodge Partners Insurance – she is a magician extraordinaire and has pulled more rabbits out of a hat for us than anyone could imagine.”

Teresa Houser, Magdalene Omaha

“Mary is amazing.  Flawless.  She makes my life easier- not harder- and I love people like that.  I am confident in her.  I know she has my back.  She digs and digs and until she reaches a level of her own satisfaction that what she has learned is all there is to learn… I operate the same way… ”

Brooke Johnson, Paladino Development Group

“… I love to have someone on my team who thinks the same way I do.  She is obviously cared for and appreciated at work so kudos to you and Dodge Partners.  I know that an employee can’t perform as well as she does unless she has a good balance of work/life and a reasonable case load to be able to give me the top notch service that she does.”

Brooke Johnson, Paladino Development Group

“Just want to give some great atta-boys to Dusty.  Dusty was able to square things with Nationwide and he did it in less than 24 hours.  I have never met Dusty until that day on the phone. The guy is great at what he does and was very personable, yet professional.”


“I wanted to contact you to let you know how much we appreciate Dusty Reser in his handling of our accounts.  Glassroots Real Estate has multiple rental properties and Dusty is always so quick to respond to whatever our needs have been…”

Nancy Glass

“… Recently we started a new LLC with different parameters and Dusty went above and beyond to make sure we met our deadlines for insurance.  Being in the service industry myself, I know how important it is to have vendors that are familiar with our processes and can handle whatever we throw their way. Dusty has done that with every transaction.”

Nancy Glass

“Carly (Thomas), thank you very much!  I appreciate you so much, you have helped me with the journey and the journey to come!  You are the BEST I work with!  Hands down the absolute best

Jimmy Duncan, HMW

“Jeni, you are a delight to work with.  I appreciate all your care and follow up.”

Marilyn – PL client (savings found of $2000!)

“Rob & Katie, we really appreciate your appreciation of us.  You are wonderful to work with- the best.  I was telling Jeff the other day how much I love having you on our team.  I feel very comfortable knowing that we are in good hands…”  

Brooke & Jeff, Paladino Development Group

“Dave used to talk a lot about the value he placed on people who lowered his anxiety instead of raising his anxiety.  You both definitely lower my anxiety.  There is so much value in that.  Thank you.  You handle our company quirkiness REALLY well and you fit in with our culture.  Love that, too.  Thank you so, so much!”

Brooke & Jeff, Paladino Development Group

“They did an amazing job to help me find an affordable commercial auto insurance policy, they had great service, communication, and everything was completed in a timely manner. 10/10 recommend.”

Alex Strong

“Great agency to work with, selling policies that back the work done on claims.  Some auto body work failed we thought we would be paying out of pocket.  Once the insurance company was involved it was all taken care of at no charge.

Thank you Dodge Partners Insurance for selling quality insurance products with your excellent customer service.”

Howland Boyer

Just a quick note of “Thank You”.  You were the bright spot in our recent efforts.  Honestly, I was prepared to change providers once we cleared the recent claim.  This being said, I couldn’t do so because of your side-by-side help and instruction.  Can’t walk away from this kind of help.  I would gladly tell anyone in the organization my feelings, (and would gladly do so if I knew a source).  Betty, my wife as you know and who you normally deal with, thinks of you as a special person and our best envoy.  I agree.

Johnny Adams

“Sarah, thank you for being so customer centric.  Your diligence in serving is so appreciated. “

Rochelle with Charter West Bank

Dodge Partners Insurance Carriers

A long-time member of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Dodge Partners represents the most progressive and respected insurance companies in the country – each carefully selected according to their ability to meet your unique needs.


Our knowledgeable insurance professionals have over 500 years of combined experience – giving you extensive problem-solving expertise in all facets of insurance and employee benefits. We are dedicated to providing security, opportunity and value for each and every client. It’s not just our promise, it’s the way we’ve being doing business for many years.


A Trusted Name for More than 150 Years.

Since 1855, the NP Dodge family has been serving the needs of neighbors and businesses in the community. Five generations of leadership have built NP Dodge into one of the largest and most respected professional services companies in the Midwest.